Price James makes plans for Pickleball and PTSD Action Man follow up

After the success of 'You Cannot Kill David Arquette' Price James is now in development on his next feature about 'the fastest growing sport in the world - Pickleball'. A genuine game which is a mash up between badminton, table tennis and tennis. The film is being produced by Laurie Lennard, Larry David's ex and producer of An Inconvenient Truth and bizarrely ended up making the pair lunch in Larry's LA home recently. Due to shoot in Florida later this year it'll be in the vein of Best In Show with Price's unmistakable stamp on it!

Price is also about to shoot 'Body Control' in the US as a follow on from his PTSD Action Man films but with Barbie. Another dark film from Price we can't wait to see; about body dysmorphia, the influence of social media and plastic surgery.