Price James follows a post-heart attack Arquette as he confronts his duelling allegiances to his family and the ring, while enduring grisly training sessions that put him harm’s way. It’s an unruly journey of self-discovery that finds Arquette travelling to the streets of Mexico to learn the ropes with masked Luchadores and speeding toward a hospital room as blood spurts from his neck with his late pal Luke Perry at his side.

The film was shot verité like a classic doc but Price brings his experience in comedy and music videos to treat the footage more stylistically. It’s comedic and horrific, silly and sad and more importantly emotionally gripping. Price jokingly calls it a shlock doc

"My biggest personal win was when we managed to license Carly Simon's classic ‘Coming around again’ for a major scene. It was my mother’s favourite song. After a textbook refusal from the major label, I wrote to Carly and we were cleared within the day. If that isn’t a life lesson I don’t know what is." 

YOU CANNOT KILL DAVID ARQUETTE, is due to be released on Netflix later this year.

Watch the trailer and Price's reel here